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Breastfeeding Struggles And Success!

Before I start this blog, it’s all about my personal breastfeeding experience so if that would make you uncomfortable, you might not want to read this. Also, I want to say that even though it was my choice to breastfeed, all mamas are wonderful no matter how they feed their little ones.

Breastfeeding is HARD! There are so many women who talk about breastfeeding like it was nothing for them, but my breastfeeding journey has been harder than pregnancy and maybe even birth itself! In saying that though, all bodies are different so my story might be completely different than yours.

From the beginning, I decided that I was going to try to breastfeed. So a few hours after my son was born, they made me try to get him to latch. My son was 6 lbs and 3 oz and really small so he was having a really hard time. They also told me that I was slightly inverted so my nipples didn’t jut out like they should. I just remember laying in the hospital bed with JJ in my lap crying, and I was trying to squeeze milk out by hand to drip in his mouth. The nipple shield they gave me was even too big for him.

Then they made me try the pump. I cried the first time using the pump because I sat there for 30 minutes without a single drop. The second time, I got about an ounce all together, and we were able to syringe feed that to JJ, and we were still trying to get him to latch too. It takes a while for babies to latch because they have never had to work for anything.

When we went home a couple days later, I got a pump from WIC. I kept trying to latch and syringe feed him, but he always acted hungry. Finally, I tried pumping and putting a couple ounces in a bottle, and he was finally satisfied. I cried because I felt like I had been starving him the whole time because he ate a lot from the bottle once he started going. Man I felt so bad.

Since bottle feeding worked best for us, I would just pump every 3 hours and bottle feed him. I usually pump 5 ounces from each side every time. I rarely tried to breastfeed anymore. Then I made a mistake.. I started wearing bras with nipple pads all the time. I would even try to go all night without pumping because I wouldn’t leak because of the pads. I thought I finally outsmarted having to pump every 3 or 4 hours.

One morning after not pumping for 8 hours, I woke up so sick. My chest was swollen, engorged and bright red. I also felt like I was getting the flu. I was so weak that I was having a hard time even taking care of my son. It turned out that I had gotten mastitis from not doing things right. I had to get an antibiotic to get better. There were some people telling me to switch to formula at that point, but I was too hard headed so I kept pumping and feeding.

As son as I felt better, the next week, I broke out with a terrible rash from an allergic reaction to laundry detergent! After a few days of nothing helping, I had to get a steroid shot and some prednisone, and the doctor said that I couldn’t breastfeed because of it. I didn’t have a choice though because it was what I needed to feel better. It worked out though because I contacted a friend that donates milk to the hospital, and she was able to give me enough for little man for a few days. I was so happy because I’d come too far to switch to formula now! I just had to pump and dump for about a week.

After I finished with the prednisone, I went back to our regular pump and bottle feed routine. Then last Wednesday something really random happened. Little man had just gotten his shots and wouldn’t stop crying so I went to the rocking chair to soothe him. When he wouldn’t calm down, I decided to try to latch him, and he latched! He breastfed like a pro, and it calmed him down so much. We’ve been able to breastfeed multiple times since then too!

I know this blog was long, but I wanted to write it too encourage mamas, and to tell them that they’re not alone in this struggle. It took me 2 months to get the hang of breastfeeding! If breastfeeding isn’t right for you or your baby, that’s perfectly fine too though. I wish all mamas the best health for themselves and their babies.

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Super Easy Ceviche!

Have you ever gotten to the point where you were just tired of food? Sometimes it is easy to just make the same few meals over and over until you are just bored with everything. Recently I was feeling this way. It was really warm outside and I didn’t want to make anything hot for dinner. While I was thinking, I remembered a super delicious meal that my Suegra (Spanish for mother-in-law) makes! So I did my best to remember all of the ingredients and I went to the store to get everything. I was so stoked to surprise my husband with something that I’d never made before!

Before I start, I will say that this recipe was for 2 to 3 people. We ate all of it in one sitting! We kind of ate too much though! I’m just saying this so that if you want to feed a bigger family, you should double my recipe!


  • 1 or 2 tomatoes
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 radishes
  • Cilantro (as much as you like)
  • 1/4 of an onion
  • 1 lb of shrimp
  • 2 limes
  • 2 avocados
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tostadas
  • Valentina Sauce (optional)

How to Prepare:

First you grab a large bowl and a cutting board. Dice The cilantro, cucumber (take out the middle part), tomatoes, radishes, and onion. Okay I have to admit, this part takes a while, but I put on music when I was diving my veggies, and I did not mind. Also, you could recruit a helper if you have one handy to cut down the time! Put all of that in a bowl and set aside.

Then boil your shrimp with a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I bought a bag of fully cooked shrimp, but I still boiled it to make sure it was the way I wanted it. Then let your shrimp cool. After the shrimp have finished cooling, dice them up as well.

Then you are ready the add the shrimp to your vegetables! Now squeeze your limes into the bowl! Then take a spatula or spoon and mix everything together evenly!

How to Plate:

Now that you have your Ceviche done, all you have to do is plate it! We personally like to eat our Ceviche with mayo and tostadas! Then this is where the avocados come in! I like to dice up my avocados and put them on top of the tostadas! My husband adds Valentina hot sauce also!

My fine China! Don’t judge! Haha.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as we did! My husband was so excited to see this waiting for him on the dinner table after work! I’m sure your family will be just as excited as he was to dig into this delicious dish! If you are not from a Spanish background, it could also be a good experience to try a food from another culture! ¡Disfruta! Enjoy!

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Sportspower Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Swing Review

My little man loves to be outdoors. Sadly we barely have a yard for him to play in, and we don’t have many outdoor toys either (even though he is happy to play with sticks). We mostly just have gravels and leaves. Also due to the Coronavirus, all of the parks around where we live are currently closed right now. So last Week my sister ordered JJ (my one year old son) a Sportspower indoor/outdoor toddler swing! I was super excited because it would give us chance to enjoy the outdoors in a new way!

Assembling The Swing

The Swing was not supposed to arrive until June 6th, so when the swing arrived yesterday (May 11th), I was pleasantly surprised! I started the assembling process right away. Well… the manual said that assembling this swing would only take ten minutes. Yeah right. It was more like an hour or maybe even two if you have an impatient toddler like I do. The manual was a step by step manual, BUT two of the parts had the wrong labels. Once I figured out the mix up, I was able to assemble the swing better. It was not the hardest thing ever, but ten minutes is very misleading unless you are some kind of crazy genius. Haha.

Time to Swing!

Let’s just say that the frustration of assembling the swing was worth it all. My son loved it. By the time we got it set up, it was getting dark so we just left it in the living room. JJ enjoyed swinging and watching his dad play Fortnite for a while! Usually he hates anything that confines him like walkers, high chairs, etc., but he lasted a long time in the swing! He just let me swing him, and he stayed content! It was also easy to fold up when we were done with it for the night, and it doesn’t take up much space!

Content as can be!

This morning, I decided to try out the swing outside! JJ loved it even more! It was a great way for us to be outside and try something new. We had a good time soaking up the sunshine!

Final Thoughts

Even though the assembly of the swing was complicated and slightly aggravating, I would definitely recommend this swing to anyone that has a baby or toddler! The great part about this swing is that it is adjustable to 55 pounds so my little man will be able to use this for at least another year! JJ will definitely spend a lot of the Summer outside swinging away! 😊

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Super Easy Cherry Cheesecake

I have been craving cheesecake lately so I googled some cheesecake recipes the other day! Some of the recipes just seemed too complicated. I don’t like complicated when it comes to cooking and baking so I decided to take the easy route, and I put together a recipe of my own that is a little easier to make! It’s just as delicious too!


  • 1 DEEP DISH pie crust (I made it with a regular crust, but I had too much filling left over).
  • 24 oz of cream cheese
  • Half of a cup of sour cream
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 can of cherry pie topping


Cheesecake is tricky! Cheesecake can easily crack, become dry, or have to much of an “egg-y” texture. So there is a key to the right consistency.

First, you will need your cream cheese to be room temperature so it can be stirred easily. Then add all of your ingredients together besides your eggs. Get all of the lumps out of the mix until it looks smooth. Then add your eggs in. Once you add the eggs, stop stirring. Too much stirring can create air pockets in your mix, and that can cause your cheesecake to crack.

Then preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Pour the filling into your crust, and then place the crust onto a baking pan. Then let your cheesecake bake for 35 minutes before checking on it, but it usually takes 45 minutes to bake all the way.

After you take your cheesecake out of the oven, let your cheesecake cool for at least 2 hours at room temperature. Then you can add your topping! Then put it into the refrigerator for at least 4 hours to complete the cooling.

In my opinion, if it is just for you and your family, you can avoid some of the cooling instructions, and you can dive in after the first part of the cooling process because that’s what we did. We let it cool and set for about 2 hours on the stove top, and then we couldn’t resist it anymore!

I hope you enjoy!

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Life With a Toddler: What to Expect

Usually when I blog, I try to emphasize the bright side of parenting. I try to make parenting seem fun instead of stressful, and trust me, it can be both. I love my son with all of my heart, but he has been wild lately! Trust me when I say that babies and toddlers are totally different ballgames! Not to mention, you barely have any time to prepare yourself because babies grow so fast. In this blog, I want to be real with you about the good, bad, and ugly of living with a toddler.

Have you ever seen a toddler absolutely losing it out in public, and you just thought to yourself, “I’ll never let my kids act like that!” Well… you are in for a treat because even the most well behaved little ones have their moments too. If my son skips out on nap time or if we try to make him come inside while he’s enjoying himself outside, it’s on. There is a full on meltdown with crocodile tears, and he also has started dropping to the floor to throw tantrums too sometimes. This was a shock to me because he’s only one year old! I never thought my sweet boy would act this way.

Lately JJ has learned to throw things. Now he is obsessed with throwing everything. Yesterday as we were taking a walk, JJ stood at the edge of the driveway and picked up and threw gravels for a solid 30 minutes! He has also been constantly throwing things at us, but then he will come up to us afterwards to give us a kiss. He’s a stinker. He walks so good now, and he is a handful. We joke around saying that he evolves quicker than we can keep up. Also, his constant changes in behavior and motor skills have us changing the house around daily to keep him safe.

Throwing gravels.

Also he is going through a phase where he LOVES a certain food one day, and then the next day he will not even touch it. Like the other day, he ate almost a whole banana for breakfast, and 2 days later I tried feeding him a banana, and he just tried to push it away. As frustrating as that can be, I usually just let him play a little longer, and then I try again. If he still won’t eat it, I make him something different. Variety in food is good for kids at JJ’s age anyways. Most of the time he eats anything we give him.

On the bright side, JJ is finally through with his one year sleep regression! For about 2 weeks, he wouldn’t fall asleep until 11:00pm because he would fight sleep for hours. Then he would wake up at 2:00am, and then again at 6:00am. I was so exhausted that I even had a breakdown one day… I was playing with JJ on the floor when he chucked a train toy right at my face! I started to cry. Then I got up and took a bath to relax while my husband watched JJ. It didn’t even hurt. I was just so tired that I got triggered. It was almost like getting the same kind of sleep you get with a newborn, and then having to deal with a wide open toddler during the day. Oh, and don’t forget all of the housework too! Haha. Anyways, for the past few days, JJ has been sleeping through the night, and I am feeling much better.

A cozy nap from the other day. ❤️

Let me finally tell you about all of the things that make all of the not so great moments worth it. First of all, toddlers are hilarious. They are just tiny little humans that are always just trying to figure things out. Everything is so new to them. Even though it can be frustrating when my son literally wants to grab everything, I have to remember that he is learning as he explores everything. It also cracks me up when JJ walks around and babbles to himself. He always looks like he’s on a mission!

Also, having a toddler has taught me patience. I have to remember that it’s all about mutual respect and love. My son is a human being who deserves a mom that is compassionate and patient. Whenever all he wants to do is whine and fuss, I have to remember that he cannot tell me how he feels. He can only communicate through laughter, whining, and little babbles. So I just have to slow down and listen to him with my mommy heart. I realized that things always go smoother if I keep my cool and try to get on his level.

The best part about having a toddler is that you are always their favorite person! Everywhere you go, they want to be right under you. If I walk outside, he wants to go. If I walk to the kitchen, he’s close by me. Even when I walk to the bathroom, he wants to come too! Our bathroom door doesn’t shut all the way, and JJ has learned how to put his hand under the door to pull it open. It’s pretty funny. There is no privacy at any time. Anyways, JJ is always my biggest fan, and that keeps me motivated in life. I’ve heard that there are much harder toddler phases ahead to tackle, but no matter what stage he is going through in life, being his mama will always be my favorite accomplishment in life. ❤️

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My Attempt at Making Mini Churros (Recipe Included)

Lately my husband and I have been craving the famous Mexican sweet treat called Churros. While we were web surfing one night, we saw a video of a lady making them. She made it look so easy, and I thought to myself, “Surely, I can do that!”

Well fast forward to today. I went to my local grocery store to get the supplies. I didn’t want to tackle Walmart so I went to Food Lion. They didn’t have the piping bags with the tips so my poor little Churros were just not going have their signature ridges. I took what I could get because I wasn’t going to go to more places with this Coronavirus mess going on. I was still excited to make magic happen. Haha.

My Churros were not perfect, BUT they were pretty good so I’ll share my step by step process with you. I’ll share my thoughts on how I could have improved them as well so this recipe should be pretty good.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1 quart of oil
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Lechera (optional)

First, I got a small pan and mixed the cup of water, 2 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, salt, and 2 tablespoons of oil. Stir frequently until it comes to a boil. Then once it comes to a boil, remove the pan from the heat. Then add the cup of flour. Stir until it forms a dough ball.

Then pour one quart of oil into a semi-deep pan. Then put you dough into a piping bag (preferably one that has a tip to give the Churros ridges). Once the oil is hot, start squeezing the dough out of the piping bag and into the oil. Be careful for popping oil! Also, using scissors to cut the dough while piping is helpful! Then use tongs to help move them onto a plate with paper towels for soaking up the oil.

This was about 1 1/2 quarts of oil. You really only need the one quart. I used way too much..
Without the ridges, they looked like hush puppies! Haha.

After they cool off, mix some cinnamon and sugar into a plate and roll the Churros in the mixture. Then add some lechera on top!

I hope you try them too! Next time I will know exactly what to do! I hope you can learn from my mistakes and get a better outcome. Enjoy. 😊

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JJ’s Favorite Things: One Year Update

As some of you already know, my precious little man just turned a year old last Sunday (April 19), and he has really been growing by leaps and bounds lately! He is growing and changing right in front of my eyes on a daily basis! He is also getting super smart. I feel like he understands most of what I say to him, and he is starting to play more independently as well.

I meant to write this blog last week, but JJ got his one year shots last Tuesday, and he is also going through a little bit of a sleep regression as well. So let’s just say, I just really haven’t been in the mood to blog. Haha. Despite being cranky due to shots most of last week, JJ is doing wonderful! He is pretty much 18 pounds even, and his hemoglobin is perfect as well (they checked it at his appointment). He has been very healthy, and I feel very blessed for that.

In this blog I want to update you guys on all of JJ’s favorite things! He is so expressive when he likes something so it’s easy to tell when something is his favorite! So without further ado, here is a list of 10 JJ’s favorite things!

JJ’s Favorite Things:

1. Going outside. JJ LOVES to be outdoors. He is always finding my shoes and bringing them to me because he knows when I put my shoes on that we are about to go outside. He doesn’t care if I bring toys outside or not because all he wants to play with are sticks and gravels! So when the weather is nice, you will most likely find us outside!

2. Visiting his family! JJ loves visiting his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. He gets so spoiled by both sides of the family. It’s probably because he is the first grandchild on both sides! My husband is the oldest of 6 children, so JJ has 4 uncles and 1 aunt that still live at his mom’s house. So when we visit, he loves all of the attention. The youngest sibling is 8, and JJ is always following him around! On my side, I have one older sister, and she is going to have her first baby (girl) due in July! So JJ has lots of family!

JJ trying to follow his uncle Aaron outside!

3. Animals. JJ loves animals! He loves the dogs at my mom’s house. He always giggles when they run and jump around him. He also loves baby chickens and ducks. He even picks up caterpillars off of the ground!

JJ with a baby chick at abuela’s house!

4. Music and dancing! JJ loves any toy or show that plays music. Any time he here’s music, he stops what he is doing to dance. It is super cute and funny. His favorite song is a song named “La Chona.” He always squeals and dances to it.

5. Talking and squealing. JJ loves to babble and squeal all day everyday. He knows how to say mama, dada, and bye bye. Dada is is favorite word though. He says that for everything. He also squeals when he is playing too. He has also started sort of saying hey when I get him out of his crib in the morning. It is so sweet.

6. Bathtime. JJ has a love/ hate relationship with bathtime. If he is not it the mood for a bath, he will be so mad, but if he wants a bath, he LOVES it! He splashes and giggles. I have to constantly sit him down though because he tries to stand up and I don’t want him to slip. He also plays with a little bucket in the bathtub, and he tries to drink out of it like a cup. I try to stop him, but sometimes I just let him be. It’s not worth the fight. Haha.

7. Chowing down! JJ loves to eat! He’ll eat whatever we give him. I’m so glad that he is not picky. He loves eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc., and he always comes to us whenever we have snacks. He has definitely outgrown out of baby food now too. He won’t even take a bite of it because he just wants to eat what we have. His favorite food is peas!

8. Playing in the cabinets. Anytime I am cooking, JJ likes to pull everything out of the cabinets. He also likes to play in the cabinets at grandma’s house too!

9. Drinking whole milk. Ever since JJ’s one year appointment, I have been introducing whole milk to him. There’s no turning back now because he loves it! Hopefully I’ll be able to wean him soon.

10. Loves to walk! I saved this one for last because this is the biggest milestone yet. My little boy is walking! He started out taking 2 or 3 steps in the very beginning of April, and by his birthday he was walking across the house. He barely ever crawls anymore because he has become so confident in himself. I am such a proud mommy!

JJ walking a couple of weeks ago. He is even more confident now!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! I can’t believe I have a toddler now instead of a baby! Time has really been flying fast. Also, thank you for everyone who has been reading my blogs all along. I plan to write more soon about my life with JJ. Stay tuned for more blogs, and stay safe out there! ❤️

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Happy First Birthday JJ!

I absolutely cannot believe a year has passed since we welcomed little Javier David (JJ) into the world. This past year has been the fastest yet slowest year of my life. There have been wonderful ups, and there have been very emotional lows as well during this year, but the most important thing is that we made it! We have been taking care of a tiny human for a whole year! Not only did we make it, JJ is doing wonderful! He amazes us every day with how smart he is. Javier (his daddy) and I have really grown so much in the past year. We went from being nervous to take a newborn home to being responsible parents. I’m so proud of how far we have come.

The day after he was born.

I remember the day that we got to take JJ home. He was four days old, and we were so nervous. My mom helped us settle into our home, stayed a while, and then she went home. There we were with JJ without nurses from the hospital or parents to help us. All we had was each other, google, and God. Haha. We even camped out in the living room all night, and JJ slept in his little swing. I remember waking up every hour to make sure JJ was still okay. Remembering that night just makes me smile every time I think about it.

Also, today is also our one year anniversary of breastfeeding! If you have ever breastfed, you know how big of a deal that is. I pushed through frustration, tears, mastitis, and lots of blisters to get to where I am today, but I would not trade this experience for anything in the entire world. It has been such a bonding experience for JJ and me. I just have to figure out how to wean him now because he just turned one, and I do not see him wanting to stop breastfeeding or my milk production slowing down any time soon. We’ll figure it out I’m sure of it.

We were going to throw a big party for JJ this weekend with lots of food and a piñata and everything, but we are still quarantined. Maybe next year. Instead, Javier’s immediate family came over for enchiladas, rice, chicken wings, and cake! After we ate real food, we let JJ have fun with a little piece of cake! I put it on his walker, but he did not want to sit in it. He stood outside of his walker and ate his cake.

Today Javier, JJ, and I are going to spend the day together. It’s a big day for us so we wanted to spend it as a family. One of us is also going to go out to get JJ a small pool to put in the yard! Who knows, we might be quarantined this Summer too so that would be a good thing to have! I’m sure we will be reminiscing so much today too as we think about this past year. We will also be playing with JJ, and cuddling him all day. He won’t remember this day, but I always will.

To all of the parents with newborns, don’t blink because you’ll miss it. One day they’ll roll over, the next day they’ll crawl, and before you know it they’ll be walking everywhere. Enjoy every single moment (even the difficult ones) because it goes by so quickly!

Anyways, Happy Birthday my sweet boy. I hope you have so many more years to come. I hope your life is FILLED with love and happiness! You will forever be my baby.. no matter how many birthdays you have! I love you so much my sweet boy!

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Making Healthier Choices

Three weeks… We have just wrapped up our third week of quarantine. As much as I love a having a chill day with my family, three weeks is a long time without much social interaction. We have watched a lot of Netflix, and we have eaten a lot of junk food. After the first week of quarantine, I realized that life may continue to stay like this for longer than we had hoped. Quarantine life might be our “new normal” for a while. With that being said, we needed to make some changes around here.

In our home, we are usually pretty stocked up on snacks. I usually buy chips, ice cream, popcorn, etc., but during our second week of quarantine, I realized that we were going to end up getting pretty pudgy by the end of this if we don’t make some changes. This past week when I went to the store for groceries, I traded our junk food for fresh fruits, vegetables, and a few other healthier choices. I also got the ingredients to make healthier meals such as whole wheat shrimp quesadillas with steamed broccoli! It was super delicious. In the long run, these food choices will make us feel much better.

Fresh fruits! Yum!

Along with eating healthier, we have really tried to go outside as a family every day to walk and exercise. We like walking to the mailbox together. I love the quality time we have while we are taking our walks because everything is just so relaxed, and the weather has been great. Also, JJ loves riding on our shoulders as we walk! He got so relaxed the other day that he fell asleep on my shoulders!

Strolling and snoozing!

The other day, we even took a hike at a nature trail near us to get some fresh air. It was really nice to have a change of scenery during this quarantine. We walked 2 miles, and we enjoyed seeing geese and turtles near the river!

JJ checking out the river with his dad on the nature trail. ❤️

Even though I don’t know how long this quarantine will last, I’m really glad that we are taking our health more seriously. I still definitely love my movie nights and ice cream, but I’m going to keep trying to keep us eating healthy and enjoying the outdoors! I hope that even when the quarantine is over, we can keep these good habits.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and enjoying your family, and I hope this blog inspired you to get outdoors and be more aware of your health. I pray that the world will heal from everything that has been going on soon, but until then, stay safe and wash your hands! ❤️

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Enjoying The Quarantine

Life has been really strange lately. Due to the recent Pandemic (aka the Corona virus everyone keeps talking about), it seems like some people think the world has stopped spinning. I will admit that it is serious, and it has affected so many lives worldwide, but I’m honestly so tired of hearing about it. I agree that there should be precautionary measures to stop it from spreading more than it already has, but jeez, do people really need 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 20 packs of toilet paper?! I highly doubt it. I’m just following the precautionary measures, staying at home as much as I can, and praying that this will pass soon. In saying all of this, i would like to focus on the good rather than the bad in this blog.

About 2 months ago, I started working again at a Chinese restaurant that I have worked at on and off for 3 years now. It was great to be back! I got out of the house 2 days a week, and it helps to have a little extra money. When I started working, the virus was barely hitting the news. It started with an outbreak in China. Customers would come and talk about it every now and then asking if it was safe the eat Chinese food.. *Big eye roll.* Then one day, the flip switched. There was an outbreak in America. It was the only topic customers could talk about it seemed. It was very unsettling.

After a week or so, I was hearing about the virus CONSTANTLY. I couldn’t even look at Facebook anymore. People were freaking out! Then grocery stores started emptying, schools started closing, and we had to start doing take out orders only at work (and all other restaurants in NC). Then my boss decided to go ahead and shut down for a little while. He was planning to shut down to renovate sometime this year anyways, so now seemed like the perfect time since business was brought to a halt due to everything going on. He gave everyone some emergency funds, he let us take some food home for our families, and then he closed until further notice. So it’s back to my old routine. I’m back to being a full time stay at home mom. Honestly, I’m just enjoying my time with my son. I really love being home with him.

Currently, we are now in week two of quarantine here in North Carolina, and I’ve only been to the grocery store, my in law’s house, and my parents’ house within these last couple of weeks. Despite everything that’s happening, I am enjoying life right now. I hate how this Pandemic is effecting people and the economy right now, but I’m choosing to look on the bright side of things. I have been able to slow down a little and enjoy more quality family time. It does get harder when you can’t really go anywhere for a change of scenery, but usually I’ll just take JJ outside for a bit if we’re feeling stir crazy.

Yesterday was very different than our usual Saturdays. Usually Javier and I like to go out or visit friends and family, but we took today to really relax and enjoy our little family. We watched movies, went for a walk outside because it was so BEAUTIFUL out there, I cooked one of our favorite meals, and to top it all off, Javier and I played cards while JJ played in his walker. We haven’t actually sat at the dinner table and played a card game together with no TV or phones in a while, and it was so great! It was the best day I have had in a while. It was really nice to kind of unplug from everything. I honestly was able to forget about all of this virus mess going on and enjoy my family!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed our day yesterday, I will be so happy when life gets back to normal. I’m praying that people are able to fully recover physically and financially. I’m blessed with a healthy family and a husband that is still able to work so I have not had to deal with some of the struggles and fears that others have had to face, but I still pray for those who are struggling. I also pray that the whole world will fully recover in time. For now we should all enjoy the people closest to us, continue to “social distance,” and also continue to pray for each other during this time.

So until next time, s tay safe and remember to wash your hands. 😉

This is JJ social distancing! Lol.
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Mommy, Let’s Go Outside!

Lately in North Carolina, the weather has been all over the place. It goes from being hot to cold and then back to hot all within a matter of days! Even though the weather is crazy, I still try to enjoy being outside as much as I can with little man. Being a stay at home mom can really make you stir crazy so getting some fresh air helps tremendously! Going outside also can help calm down babies/children! Plus you get the greatest source of vitamin D! It’s a win win for everyone! The last 3 days have been pretty nice! Sunday was in the 60s and slightly windy, Monday (yesterday) was PERFECT at 73 degrees and sunny, and today it was back in the 60s and cloudy, so we spent a lot of time outside!

Sunday we had a chill day as a family. All morning, JJ was whining and fussing, and I was about to go nuts, so I bundled him up, and we went for a walk. Javier, JJ and I took our time, and we walked to our mailbox and back. JJ stayed really quiet as we walked. He just took everything in. I do have to admit that we all needed that walk. It was very refreshing.

On Tuesday (the 73 degree day), I went with my mom to our local YMCA for a walk along their outdoor walkway. It was just a big sidewalk loop around a soccer field, but it was nice! It was perfect for getting out JJ’s stroller. We walked around the loop until JJ fell asleep! For most of the time we were walking, JJ was either just peaceful and quiet or making little squeals and smiling! I was kind of surprised he eventually fell asleep! Also the good part about walking there is that there is also a public park as well! I will definitely be going back there again.

Today, I spent the day at home with JJ. He was whining like crazy again so went went for a walk outside AGAIN. Have I mentioned that he’s teething? That’s why he’s been in a mood.. We stayed in our little driveway instead of walking all the way to the mailbox since Javier wasn’t home. I walked around our circle driveway with him a million times. It is the same little path I walked when I was pregnant and trying to get him out! Haha. I walked around, and I let JJ touch the trees and leaves. He’s so curious about everything so I want to encourage him to explore! When we went back inside after about 30-45 minutes, he took a super long nap. It was a victory because I got some much needed me time!

After Javier got home, he had left the inside door open, and JJ was standing up against the glass door wanting to go back outside! He stood there and looked outside for a while while smacking the door. It’s like he was saying, “Mommy, let’s go outside!” I was cooking so we stayed inside, but it was really cute! I can tell he will be an adventurous outdoorsy boy! I can’t wait to go outside and play with him or watch him run around at the park. There are so many fun adventures in store for us and I can’t wait.